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The Training Contract

We look for around 6 trainees to join our programme each year with 3 individuals typically joining our York office, and 3 our Lincoln office.

The training contract consists of a rotation of 4 x 6 month seats, all of which will usually be completed within the same office (York or Lincoln) but offer the opportunity to experience different areas of the business. We consult with all our trainees about which seats they undertake before decisions are made and make every effort to ensure requests are met wherever we can.

Some other firms tend to recruit a large number of trainees, where individuals may struggle to be heard or make an impact and often become lost, disorientated and overwhelmed. Langleys deliberately take on a small number of trainees as it means we can work closely with you to identify your strengths and skills and help you to develop and excel in your career with us. Further to this, the number of trainees we recruit is reflective of our best estimate as to the number of newly qualified staff we will need in the future. Consequently, subject to business needs and performance, we see all of our trainees as the firm's future qualified solicitors.

You will be working in a supportive and friendly environment with others who are enthusiastic about what they do. During your training contract you will be exposed to challenges and pressures right from the start and will be involved practically, working on and dealing with real cases and issues. We want to stretch and challenge you in your role and help you to develop as much as possible. You will receive regular, on-going support and supervision along the way to enable you to take on the level of responsibility you can handle.

We know it's never easy starting anywhere new which is why we have introduced 'contact days' to ease you in gently. Successful candidates, who have been offered a training contract with us, will be invited to come into the office on up to four separate contact days prior to the commencement of their training contract. This gives you an opportunity to meet people prior to starting your contract and will help you to settle in as quickly as possible.
You and the other trainees will begin your training contract with an induction programme which will commence on your first day. You will also have a 'Buddy' at work, another way we try and help you to settle in quickly and support you throughout your training contract. Your Buddy will spend time with you to answer any queries you may have, show you the ropes and generally help you get to grips with things.

You will also be assigned a Supervisor (a Partner or Associate) during each seat who will oversee your performance and will, in accordance with SRA guidelines, allocate you work/tasks and deadlines at an appropriate level. Your seat Supervisor plays a crucial role in your development; they will give instructions and provide you with guidance and feedback. They should be your first port of call if you have any legal questions, issues or concerns regarding your work during your training contract. They are also there to offer advice, give you guidance and will carry out your performance reviews. You will always have help and support should you need it.

Training and Development

At the beginning of each seat of your Training Contract you will have a meeting to discuss and agree a development plan with your Supervisor and a member of the Human Resources Team. This development plan also considers what experience your chosen seat will provide in relation to the areas outlined by Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) to ensure as much as possible is covered where it is relevant.

You will be exposed to all types of work and a wide variety of clients to give you broad, well-rounded experience. There are many opportunities for you to attend training sessions and courses, run both in-house and externally by accredited providers all of which will give you opportunities to excel during your Training Contract and beyond.

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