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About Paul

Paul is a partner and joint Head of the Private Client team in our Lincoln office. Paul has a strong high net worth private client practice with clients based all over the UK and in particular the North West. Paul is a trustee for a number of high value private trusts and has experience advising clients on many types of wealth protection strategies including family investment companies.

He advises clients on estate planning issues, complex tax planning advice and the implementation of bespoke wills, trusts and other structures, to ensure wealth is passed on appropriately according to a client's particular circumstances.

Specialising in estates and succession planning for 20 years has allowed Paul to develop a deep understanding of a range of solutions that can be implemented to ensure clients’ wishes are fulfilled and he has built a loyal client following.


Groups and bodies Paul are a member of

Paul is a full STEP (Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners) member, and an experienced trustee for a number of private family trusts, where he manages different types of wealth from shares in the family company to large portfolios of investments.

He is also an experienced executor; a personal role that is often complex and requires not only legal expertise but also organisation, general life skills and the ability to help and manage families at what is a very difficult time.

Recent examples of Paul's experience

  • Converting an existing, long established trust to ensure the type of trust being used better supports the payment of school fees.  This involved not only bespoke drafting skills but insight into the capital taxation implications of the conversion.
  • Advising a family in respect of a valuable plot of land ripe for development.  Setting up a partnership to secure capital gains tax benefits in the event of the sale of the land and executing declarations of trust to share beneficial ownership of the land amongst the family to maximise those capital gains tax benefits.
  •  Administering a valuable intestate estate with assets in both England & Wales and Northern Ireland.  Securing the assets of the estate in both jurisdictions and liaising with multiple third parties to facilities the smooth administration of the estate.
  • Advising the trustees of a family trust in bringing assets out to support the widow of a beneficiary of the trust.  Structuring that transfer of wealth tax efficiently to maximise the amount of cash available for the widow and so securing her future which was of great relief to the whole family at a very difficult time.
  • Advising on the setting up of a personal injury trust to accept an award of damages.  Liaising with the litigation friend and initial trustee to ensure the right type of trust was established for the benefit of the minor beneficiary.  Advising on tax and compliance issues.

Personal interests

  • As a lifelong Liverpool fan, football is a keen interest, particularly in the last few years.  The occasional 5 and 7 aside game keeps the personal dream alive.
  • Paul is also a keen cyclist who is lucky enough to be able to cycle to work when the weather permits.

Service expertise

Court Of Protection

When it comes to the care of our loved ones, ensuring that decisions are made in their best interests is always a priority. If a family member can no longer make their own decisions regarding their finances and other affairs, our Court of Protection solicitors can help.

Farmers and Landowners

Whether you are a farmer, a landowner, a tenant or an investor, the law can have a bearing on many aspects of your personal and professional life, including property, land, assets, employment, taxes, contracts and even family issues. Based in Lincoln and York, our services originate in the country’s agricultural heartland, giving us a strong understanding of many of the challenges faced by the industry. 

Inheritance Tax & Succession Planning

Inheritance Tax, a duty paid on your property and belongings after death, can take a sizable portion out of the gift you wish to pass on. With expert planning, you can significantly reduce this impact. Based in York and Lincoln and helping clients across the UK, our friendly team of solicitors offer expert inheritance tax planning advice, helping you plan your estate, making it as tax efficient as possible to maximise the benefit of your financial legacy.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney is an extremely important document. It allows you to choose someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf, should you lack mental capacity in the future to make those decisions yourself.  They are vitally important documents that will give you and your family confidence at what will often be a very difficult time.

Private Clients


Setting up a trust can be a flexible and tax effective way to provide for your loved ones. If you want to set up a trust or want more information on trust law, our solicitors are here to assist you with your questions.

Wills & Probate

Perhaps, because it involves a subject, we least like to think about, many of us never get around to making a Will, despite it being one of the most important documents you could ever need.

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