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Sep 26th, 2017

Death by Dangerous Cycling?

The prospect of the possibility of cyclists being charged with causing death by dangerous cycling came closer this week after the government announced an urgent review of cycling laws following a number of recent high profile cases.

The latest case saw cyclist Charlie Alliston convicted of the death of Kim Briggs under a criminal statute more than 150 years old prompting calls for a review of the law.

Currently there are no specific offences which cover people who cause death or injury whilst riding a bicycle, although cyclists can be charged with careless or dangerous cycling.

The government review will assess the case for creating new criminal offences of causing death or injury by careless or dangerous cycling. In 2015 two pedestrians were killed and 96 were seriously injured after being hit by a bicycle.

Drivers who cause death by careless driving face sentences of up to 5 years and for causing death by dangerous driving up to 14 years. In 2012 a new offence of causing serious injury through dangerous driving was introduced with a maximum sentence of 5 years.

The Government hopes to reach a decision on the new legislation early next year.

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