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Meet the trainee: Ben Moverley

Sep 25th, 2020

We are fortunate to have five new trainees join us this year. We sat down with Ben Moverley, one of our York Trainees, to find out more about why he chose Langleys and the challenges he anticipates. His first seat is with the LCS/Casualty Team.


Why you chose to train with Langleys?


I was actually a part of Langley’s mentoring scheme before applying for a training contract. I really appreciated how friendly and approachable everyone was who I was fortunate to meet through the programme and when accompanied with the sectors the firm operates in and the location of York it was an easy decision to make.


What you are most looking forward to?


Experiencing the firms various sectors, continuing my own professional development and representing Langleys at events and law fairs.


What challenges do you think you will face?


I’ve been working at Langleys for two years now including throughout the current pandemic, which continues to throw out all manner of logistical challenges. Away from that, getting to grips with four different departments in a two year period will be a challenge in itself.


What are your aspirations for the future?


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experiences at the firm so far so my main focus will be to qualify into an NQ position here that best suits my personality and interests.

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