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Meet the trainee: Jess Nicholson

Sep 24th, 2020

We are fortunate to have five new trainees join us this year. We sat down with Jess Nicholson, one of our York Trainees, to find out more about why she chose Langleys and the challenges she anticipates. Her first seat is with the Private Client Team.


Why you choose to train with Langleys?


Having studied in Newcastle for the last four years, I was keen to train in a firm up North, and York is such a lovely city! Langleys stood out for me because it is a firm which offers the opportunity to gain experience in a wide range of areas during your training contract, as it has seats available in insurance, commercial and private client sectors, perfect for someone like me who is open minded about learning in a range of areas. When I completed my work experience scheme a couple of years ago, I found everyone in the office so friendly and informative, and during the experience I was given a rich taster in the type of work undertaken in different departments. I instantly felt welcomed whilst I was there, and from then I realised Langleys were a great fit for me.


What you are most looking forward to?


I’m most looking forward to getting experience in a variety of departments during the two years I’ll be training and I’m looking forward to the challenge of getting stuck into work that I haven’t done before. I hope to pick up lots of new knowledge and skills, and I look forward to building relationships with teams and learning from their experiences. As I said, during work experience I met a lot of lovely people, and I look forward to them now being my colleagues who can guide me along the way, as well as meeting all of the new trainees too!


What challenges do you think you will face?


Training contracts aren’t designed to be easy, and I’m sure I’ll find myself in situations where I won’t know the answer to the questions put forward to me. It is a new experience, meaning I have a lot to learn, and so I look forward to embracing all of the new tasks I’m faced with. It’s reassuring to know that I’m being guided by those who have been in exactly the same boat, so I’m sure no matter what I’m faced with, someone around will be able to help.

I can imagine that at times I will have a lot on at once, therefore I’m sure time management will be a challenge at times too. But equally, there will always be someone around that I can ask for advice from about how best to manage my time, so I’m sure I will build on my time management skills throughout my TC.


What are your aspirations for the future?


I hope that after my 2 years training, I will have done what it takes to qualify into my chosen seat and continue with my career as a solicitor. I’d like to have picked up skills in my TC that I will take with me throughout my career, and build on what I have learnt.


Next, we’re speaking to Ben Moverley, who has begun his first seat with the York LCS/Casualty team.

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