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Meet the trainee: Jessica Carr

Sep 17th, 2020

We are fortunate to have five new trainees join us this year. We sat down with Jess Carr, one of our York Trainees, to find out more about why she chose Langleys and the challenges she anticipates. Her first seat is with the PSU Team.


Why did you choose to train with Langleys?

I chose Langleys firstly because of the reputation the firm had in the area, as a professional firm who provide excellent service, shown by the awards that they have received. The core values of the firm also resonated with me when I was researching the firm further and made the firm stand out as somewhere I wanted to work and be part of the team. The seat lengths that Langleys offered also made the firm more desirable, having a longer length seat would allow me to settle into an area and make a more informed choice about my suitability for that area of law. Once I had my first interview with Langleys I felt so welcomed by the team and the working environment that I saw, which made Langleys my first choice for training contract provider and as a firm where you could build a career.


What are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to how much I am going to learn throughout my training contract and the career development that Langleys offers.   Although in a period of change, Langleys is still investing in their future, which is a very exciting prospect as a trainee. I’m looking forward to the skills I will learn from colleagues, cases and everything Langleys has to offer which will shape me into becoming a solicitor that embodies all of Langleys core values and a solicitor that can represent the firm well.


What challenges do you think you will face?

The fallout from Covid-19 will be a challenge to the whole legal system, especially for trainees. The volume of work will be challenging, but I have come from a fast-paced pervious job which has taught me to deal with a large amount of cases and timescales which will hopefully help me throughout my training. On a personal level I have moved city because I was so enthusiastic that Langleys was the firm for me, living away from home will be a challenge, but Langleys have already been so welcoming and friendly that this should not be an issue.


What are your aspirations for the future?

My immediate aspirations would be to qualify as a solicitor as I’m aware in the current circumstances this is now more challenging. In the longer term I would hope to progress within the firm, in whichever seat I qualify into, I would like to become a partner once I have the required expertise. 

Next, we’re speaking to Eleanor Frankish, who has begun her first seat with the York Employment team.

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