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Menopause at work

Menopause at work

Employers must support workers experiencing menopause to avoid claims of sex discrimination

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in person seminar langleys solicitors Lincoln 12 october 2021

Insights & In-person Networking - Tuesday 12 October 11.30am - 2pm

Strategies to boost your business and manage your cash flow brought to you by Wright Vigar Chartered Accountants and Langleys Solicitors Lincoln

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Are pre nuptial agreements for the rich and famous?

Are prenuptial agreements only for the rich and famous?

New research shows one in five people married since 2000 have entered into a prenuptial agreement.

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Indirect associative discrimination

Did you know that discrimination law extends further than just the characteristics of the individual? Potentially significant finding of indirect associative discrimination in a recent case.

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Sexual harassment in the workplace

Did you know that there is soon to be a new positive duty on employers to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace?

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My partner and I are not married, and we are separating, what happens to the home?

What happens to your home if you have been living together and have now decided to go your own way? - Natalie Wiles covers the outcomes

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