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Armed Forces pension when you split up

How do you claim a share of your ex's Armed Forces pension?

If you or your spouse have an armed forces pension, here are three issues that can come up when you reach a financial settlement.

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Ba fined £20m for poor IT security leading to theft of personal data

BA fined £20m for poor IT security leading to theft of personal data

The law requires that companies take 'appropriate' technical and organisational measures to protect personal data.

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Free Wills month raised a potential £68,000 in future bequests

The Free Wills Scheme raised £68,000

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Future financial claims with a clean break divorce

Is it a myth that divorce ends any future financial claims?

There is a common misconception that financial claims arising from a marriage come to an end when a divorce is finalised, which is not the case.  Financial claims can continue after a divorce until they are either dealt with or dismissed by a Court. 

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notice periods for section 21 and section 8 notices

Lifting the ban on residential tenant evicitions

Notice periods for Section 21 and Section 8 notices have been revised. Here is your helpful summary.

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Five reasons why mediation is a positive route to resolve your family dispute

Mediation is a process that helps people resolve issues that often arise because of family breakdown. It is different from going to court or using a solicitor to negotiate on your behalf.

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