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Visitors and Trespassers - What are your obligations?

As an occupier you will owe a duty of care to any third parties on your land whether they are there by your invitation or not. This means that you could be liable for any accidents involving anyone on your land caused by the state of your premises.

Fly-tipping. Proactive steps to tackle a rubbish problem.

Fly-tipping is the illegal deposit of waste in a place that does not have a licence to accept it instead of using an authorised method. This is an issue that affects many (estimated up to 67% of farmers) and costs a huge amount to deal with (estimated between £50 million and £150 million annually).

Sheep Worrying - The Legal Position

You cannot have missed the many headlines in the farming press last year and throughout 2018 about the, at times, controversial topic of sheep worrying and farmers’ rights in the event of such attacks.

Mediation Holds Key to Family Farm Disputes

The very nature of the family farm means that inevitably tensions and disputes will arise. The family business is usually farmed by more than one generation with everyone involved both living and working in the same place. Sounds claustrophobic? It often is!