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Contesting A Will – Fraudulent Wills

"A review of fraudulent wills and grounds for contesting a will"

Fraudulent wills in focus

When people die, they often leave a valuable estate behind. Unfortunately, a very small minority of people view this as an opportunity for fraud.

A will may be fraudulent if the signature on the Will does not look like the signature of the deceased, or if it looks like it is not an original signature.

In order to prove that a Will is fraudulent, it will be necessary to provide examples of the deceased’s genuine signature from around the time that they made the Will. These can then be provided to a hand-writing expert who can assess whether the signature on the Will is a forgery.

If a Will is proven to be a forgery, then it will not be valid. The deceased’s estate will then pass under their previous Will or, if no previous Will exists, under the intestacy rules.

How to contest a will on grounds of fraud

If you wish to contest a will on the grounds of fraud, or for any other reason, it is important to act promptly. For more information, please contact Graeme Stenson