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'Twas the Month Before Christmas - Planning for common workplace issues

As the festive season draws near, most of us are focusing on the all-important matters such as when to start decorating the Christmas tree, who to invite over on Christmas Day and hitting the high street to buy Christmas gifts for the never- ending list of family members which seems to grow each year. However, for employers, this is a time of year to be extra vigilant.

Working 9 to 5? Considerations for flexible working

According to a YouGov survey, almost half of employees now work flexibly, posing the question as to whether the traditional 9-5 working day is on its way out.

Menopause in the Workplace - Guidance for Employers

Pregnancy and returning to work after maternity leave are well understood; advice and support are readily available for women and managers. However, the same is not generally true for the menopause.

Alcohol and Drugs in the workplace

Statistics suggest that 13% of workers in the UK use illegal drugs, 15% of workers have been intoxicated whilst at work and 5% of “sickness” absences are alcohol related.

10 Employment Law myths debunked

When it comes to UK employment law, there can be a lot of misconceptions. This article discusses 10 of the most common myths and explains the real position that employers and HR professionals need to be aware of.

Common legal questions from employers

What does an Employment Lawyer get asked most often? Partner Mini Setty discusses some of the key questions asked by her clients.

My No.1 piece of advice for Employers

If you could offer one piece of advice, what would it be? Employment Law Partner Mini Setty talks about the key advice she gives to her employer and HR clients.

How can Employers keep up with workplace changes?

The world of work is changing rapidly. From mental health to requirements for flexibility, how can employers keep up to date with the changes to ensure employers needs are met?

How to protect your business when an Employee leaves

When an employee leaves it poses a threat to the data and confidential information of a business if there aren't clear procedures and guidelines in place. Partner Mini Setty discusses what you can do to protect your business from employee poaching when people decide to move on.