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Cycle accident claims and video evidence.

Helmet cameras are a common accessory for the urban cyclist today and they are not worn so the cyclist can replay their daily commute, they are worn more often than not to protect them from road rage incidents. 

in 2010 head cam footage from a cyclist showing a van driver throwing a bottle of juice at him before blocking his route several times was successfully used at Court and the van driver was convicted of dangerous driving.

Head cam footage can also be used to establish liability in an accident where the version of events is disputed between the parties, particularly in cycle accidents where the driver of a car has usually failed to see the cyclist. 

As personal injury lawyers we have recently successful used footage to establish that the cyclist was proceeding correctly along a main road when the driver of a car drove alongside the cyclist and attempted to turn left into a junction colliding with the cyclist and causing life threatening injuries.

As a result of head cam footage being use to support a cycle accident claim manufacturers of head cams such as Go Pro and Contour have found a widening market beyond enthusiasts recording their best skate board stunts.

Cycle accident claims were not the original source of head cam footage being admissible in court, we believe the first use of head cam footage leading to a conviction was in 2008 filmed by an NCP car park attendant who’s colleague was racially abused. Greater Manchester police used the footage, tracked down the abuser and was subsequently given a two-year supervision order.

Cyclist report that wearing a head cam can be part of their accident prevention strategy commenting that drivers give them a wider berth when they spot a head cam.

A recent survey by Direct Line insurers purported that 22% of drivers fail to see cyclists and that Sat Nav users were a greater risk to cyclists. With these statistics it is predicted that head cam use by cyclists will increase, as a prevention to accident, and evidence in support of a claim should an accident occur.

If you do decide to make a cycle accident claim and you do have video footage we would like to review it and evaluate if it could be used to make a successful cycle accident claim.

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