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What makes a 'Good Divorce'?

As Resolution shines a light on reducing conflict for Good Divorce Week, Natalie Wiles considers how this can be achieved and what practical steps you can take to keep things amicable.

Spousal Maintenance - How much and for how long?

When a relationship breaks down one of the first questions people ask is whether they will have to pay ongoing maintenance to their former spouse or civil partner.

Divorce - Common Questions Answered

When it comes to divorce, there are many questions that will naturally arise as you try to understand the process and what this may mean for you and your family.

Achieving a ‘happy divorce’

Family Law Partner Mark Day discusses achieving a 'happy divorce' and what you can do to make the situation better for everyone involved during a separation.

How quickly can I get divorced?

Can a divorce be a fast process? Family Law Partner Mark Day discusses the process.

I’m thinking of separating – what are my options?

If you're thinking of separating from your partner, there are various options available to you. Family Law Partner Mark Day discusses the routes you can take and what is involved.

My ex doesn’t want a divorce and I do

What happens when one person wants a divorce and the other doesn't? Partner Mark Day discusses the options.

Should a specific Divorce firm handle my separation?

Do you need to use a specialist Divorce law firm if you're separating? Partner Mark Day explains why, when it comes to divorce, niche practices may not be the best option.

The most common questions divorce clients ask

What are some of the most common things clients ask our team? Senior Paralegal Natalie Wiles discusses.

When in a separation do you first meet clients?

At what stage in a separation do you first engage with a Solicitor? Family Law Specialist Peter Hardy talks about his experiences with divorcing clients.