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International Probate

Our International Probate Services team helps executors, beneficiaries, trust companies, lawyers, banks, accountants and other professionals, in addition to private individuals, with probate, wills and estate administration involving cross border issues. The international trusts and foreign probate team at Langleys are experts in foreign assets, estates and international probate law.

We can work with you to overcome the difficulties and problems which may result from having assets in a jurisdiction outside your normal country of residence.

Prominently our team assists with obtaining probate in estates of persons who have a non-UK domicile, registration of death over bank accounts, stocks and shares, and property within the UK.

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge with regards to inheritance issues and international estate administration.

We can help with all aspects of succession and cross-border situations, including:

  • Resealing foreign appointments, probates and letters of administration or their equivalent
  • Obtaining letters of administration and grants of probate
  • Administering deceased estates involving assets situated in the UK and some other major global jurisdictions
  • Arranging for affidavits of UK law
  • Advising on UK inheritance tax, conflicts of law, domicile, succession and cross-border issues
  • Preparing wills to cover UK based assets
  • Tracing beneficiaries, valuation requests, income and capital gains tax, dividends and other distribution payments
  • Advising on UK succession law and will structuring

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