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Legal Aid Available

Although there have been cuts to legal aid, it is still available in certain cases (subject to relevant means and merits assessments). Those cases include:
1. Domestic Abuse 

  1. Sending a warning letter;

  2. Application for a non-molestation / occupation order (injunctions);

  3. Enforcement of a non-molestation / occupation order

  4. Legal Aid available for applicants and respondents 

2. Child Arrangements Orders (formerly known as Contact and Residence Orders) / Special Guardianship cases: 

  1. Where there is evidence of domestic abuse and you are the victim;
  2. Where there is evidence that the child is at risk of significant harm and you wish to protect them; 

3. Divorce cases – where you are the victim of domestic abuse and there is evidence of this; 

4. Protection against the unlawful removal of a child (Prohibited Steps Order)      

A Residence Order or a Child Arrangements Order with a living with requirement must be in force and the unlawful removal / retention of the child would breach the terms of the Residence Order / Child Arrangements Order     

Enforcement of a Contact Order / Child Arrangements Order with a contact requirement is not included

5. Public Law proceedings

  1. Pre-proceedings advice;
  2. Care proceedings (if you are a parent or person with parental responsibility there is no means or merits test)
  3. Contact with a child in care;
  4. Discharge of a care order

6. If you are a child under 18


For friendly, professional advice please contact the Children's Law Unit on 01522 888555 or 01904 610 886.  We also provide a 24-hour Helpline for Domestic Abuse which offers free immediate legal advice.  Please contact Liz or Lucy on 07711 424128 in Lincoln; or Laura on 07711 424130 in York.

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