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Lincoln armed forces divorces

"Divorce and separation advice for the armed forces”

“Lincoln divorce solicitor, Emma Lawler highlights key differences between military and civilian divorce processes.”

Lincoln is home to a number of RAF bases including Coningsby, Digby, Cranwell and the largest base; Waddington.

If you are going through a divorce or separation and you or your spouse are a member of the Armed Forces, it is crucial that you seek advice from a family law specialist who has a good working knowledge of factors affecting an Armed Forces divorce. 

Particular consideration needs to be given to a number of issues that would not arise in a civilian divorce, such as;

  • Military accommodation
  • LSAP loans
  • Military pensions

Military pensions in particular require careful consideration as there are now three different Armed Forces pension schemes (the most recent scheme having been introduced in 2015), each of which has different characteristics.

The usual approach when considering pension claims in a divorce is to obtain a CETV (cash equivalent transfer value) of a pension. This is a lump sum valuation for divorce purposes. However, with a military pension, using the CETV may not be a fair method of calculating divorce claims for the following reasons;

  • The CETV is provided on the assumption that the scheme member is retiring at the date it is provided. In most cases, the scheme member will not yet qualify for a full pension but may qualify in a few years’ time. This could result in a huge undervalue of the pension
  • Under two of the three schemes, pension members will also receive Early Departure Payments (EDP’s). EDP’s are not included in a CETV.

There are many complex factors that need to be considered in an Armed Forces divorce and it is crucial that your Lincoln solicitor has the experience and knowledge needed to advise you.

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