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Putting children first through Mediation

There is increasing pressure on separating couples to participate in Family Mediation sessions to resolve any disputes relating to the arrangements for where their children live and what contact they are to have with the other parent, without resorting to the Court system. Whilst mediation isn’t suitable for every separating couple; it can have huge advantages compared to going through the Court process.

What are the advantages of Family Mediation?

  • Better for the children - Their best interests are at the heart of the mediation process and a solution can be tailored to their needs.
  • Cost - Parties share the cost of one mediator. The cost of mediating a case through to settlement is generally significantly less expensive than court proceedings.
  • Control - There is no Judge making the decision for you so the decision making remains in your own hands. Meetings can also be scheduled when convenient.
  • Faster settlements - There is no need to become embroiled in the Court system, which some cases can get trapped in for years.
  • Less stress - Mediation reduces conflict by focusing on finding a mutually acceptable solution in a timely, cost-efficient way thereby reducing stress for you and for your children.

If you'd like to find out more about mediation and how it can help you, please get in touch with the team.

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