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Advice for newly separated parents

Video Transcription

Siobhan Newton: What would you say that parents most importantly need to know when they first separate and perhaps emotions are running very high?

Interviewee: I think it's important to remember that your children don't choose this. This is a choice that's made by adults. And it may improve your life and it may improve your children's lives in the longer run, but at the time, they're experiencing grief and sadness. And it's really important to remember that they need time to understand the process of separation, time to get used to that new life and your new life, and time to get used to the idea that that new life might have possibilities and hope for the future. And in terms of dealing with the other parent, recognizing that yes, it's conflictual, yes, it's difficult, but the other person was somebody that you had a relationship with...

Siobhan Newton: Yes, it's very important.

Interviewee: ...and it's important, now that that relationship is changing, to treat that other person with kindness, with respect, and with consideration. Even if that's not how you're feeling, it's really important to try and stick to those rules.

Siobhan Newton: Thank you.

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