£148,000 awarded to widower following missed diagnosis

Mr M consulted Langleys Solicitors LLP to investigate the circumstances surrounding the treatment which his wife, Mrs M received.

On 13 March 2010, Mrs M was seen in the A & E Department of Newark Hospital. She had symptoms of chest pain upon returning from holiday.

A chest x-ray was undertaken and she was advised that it was clear and she had probably pulled a muscle. Mrs M was discharged from the Hospital having also undergone an ECG which was also clear.

Mrs M’s pain persisted and she continued with her day to day life. She started to develop a persistent cough in April 2011, which came and went. She attended her GP on a number of occasions.

In early 2012, Mrs M suffered with some gastro intestinal symptoms and she also lost some weight. She also complained of a sensation of food sticking in her throat. A 2 week gastro intestinal referral was made by the GP and an upper GI endoscopy was performed which was reported as negative.

In July 2012, Mrs M attended her GP once more with a presenting history of a persistent chesty cough for the past couple of months. A Chest x-ray was requested which, identified a large mass in her right upper lung.

It then became apparent, through further investigation that the previous x-ray taken on 13 March 2010, had in fact shown an oval mass in the right lung.

Sadly, Mrs M’s condition deteriorated and she sadly passed away on 2 February 2013.

After this time, Mr M set about investigating the circumstances of his wife’s death and consulted Langleys Solicitors in June 2013. He wanted to stop what had happened to his wife, happening to anybody else.

Through investigation it was proven that the x-ray which Mrs M had in March 2010, had been reported incorrectly. On the balance of probabilities if the x-ray had been reported correctly, she would have, at that stage, been treated for lung cancer. Through the instruction of an oncology expert, it was determined that with an earlier diagnosis, Mrs M would have survived.

Unfortunately, it did take some time for Mr M’s claim to settle as it was necessary to issue Court proceedings, but ultimately the claim was successfully pursued and a compensation award was received in the sum of £148,000.

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