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£18,000 settlement for Claimant whose surgeon conducted the wrong hernia surgery

The Claimant obtained private treatment for his problem hernia.  He consented to keyhole hernia repair surgery with his surgeon at The Nottingham NHS Treatment surgery.  He later underwent the operation, but in recovery he discovered a large wound.  He made enquiries of the nurses who told him that he had actually undergone open surgery not keyhole surgery, which he did not consent to.

The Claimant went on to experience problems with his wound, an extended recovery period, and he sustained a large scar.  The Claimant’s hernia problems later returned, and it was identified that the surgery had also been inadequate.
The Claimant required a second operation to repair the hernia.

Langleys strived to obtain a settlement of £18,000 for the Claimant.

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