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Claim Settles for £85,000 Following Failure to Complete Falls Assessment and Failure to Prevent Pressure Damage

The Claimant was admitted to St Monica's hospital, York, as a consequence of a fall at home during which she suffered damage to her vertebrae.

During her admission the Claimant’s mobility was gradually improving unfortunately her pain levels increased and as a result her mobility became decreased.

There was a failure of the nursing team to assess the Claimant’s risk of falling and subsequently the Claimant fell whilst trying to mobilise to the bathroom. The Claimant sustained a fracture to the neck of her right femur.

The Claimant was transferred to York Hospital where she underwent surgery to repair the fractured neck of right femur. After the surgery, the Claimant developed significant pressure damage to her heels, she experienced episodes of dehydration, requiring intravenous fluids and there was a failure to provide medication in liquid form, as a direct result of failures to nurse the Claimant properly.

As a consequence, the Claimant was unable to return to the family home where she was previously independently living. There was no alternative but for the Claimant to move to a nursing home where she continues to live, although, sadly as a result of the failures in her care she is now immobile.

Court proceedings were issued and served in this matter but it was possible to settle the claim on the basis of a payment of £85,000.

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