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Settlement of £55,000 for cyclist knocked off bike

Langleys have settled a case upon behalf of a cyclist Claimant who was involved in a road traffic accident in July 2013 near to Willingham Woods.

The Claimant was cycling only 2 miles from her home when she was struck by the Defendant’s car who was driving behind her.  She lost control of her bike and crashed into the verge suffering significant injuries.

The Defendant initially left the scene and failed to stop, but a witness to the accident followed him and apprehended him.  The witness reported him to the Police.

The Claimant was attended to at the scene by ambulance.  She sustained a fibular fracture to the right leg and a spinal injury including a crush fracture to the vertebrae.  She later needed spinal surgery to have metalwork inserted.  The Claimant also suffered a psychological injury.

Throughout the case Langleys assisted in obtaining rehabilitation for the Claimant and several interim payments.

Langleys later secured a settlement for the Claimant in the sum of £55,000.00.

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