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DIY Wills. Don't take the law into your own hands.

I can understand why clients like the idea of a Will they can prepare themselves, in the comfort of their own home, without obtaining help or advice from a solicitor. However, we all know of situations where long-lost relatives have popped out of the woodwork when they hear of the death of “poor Aunt Joyce”.

How to plan to "die well"

It’s a subject we commonly avoid talking about. Death can bring up sad and anxious emotions but, with planning and open conversations, it needn’t be something to fear.

Digital Life after Death - What happens to your assets when you're gone?

In an increasingly digital age and with the popularity of social media, more assets and personal information are now being held online.

Will disputes - Common Questions Answered

As will disputes become more frequent, more people are challenging the last wishes of their loved ones; questioning a will’s validity, contents and the intentions behind them.

Making a will when you have assets abroad

Increasingly we are seeing clients who own assets situated abroad, be that a holiday home, bank accounts with a foreign bank or even shares in an overseas company. We are also seeing more and more people who have a foreign citizenship but who are permanently living and owning assets in the UK.

Best advice for writing a will

What is the no.1 thing you should consider for future planning? Private Client Solicitor Chelsea Martin shares her best advice.

Writing a will – common mistakes

What are the most common mistakes people make when writing a will? Private Client Solicitor Chelsea Martin discusses.

I don’t own much, do I need a will?

Is it worth making a will if you don't own much? Private Client Solicitor Chelsea Martin discusses.

When is the best time to make a will?

When it comes to writing a will, what are you waiting for? Private Client Solicitor Chelsea Martin discusses key times that should prompt you.

Can’t I just make my own will?

Is it ever a good idea to make your own will? What can go wrong if you do? Solicitor Chelsea Martin discusses.