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Clean technology and the renewables industry is a fast growing market representing challenges as well as opportunities for businesses, landowners and investors.

Against this background Langleys has recruited and put together a team of highly specialised lawyers who are well placed and experienced to provide you with market based legal solutions and advice. Whether you are thinking of purchasing a wind turbine, constructing an anaerobic digester, investing in a solar farm or installing a biomass boiler, we can provide sound legal but down-to-earth practical advice that will help you to make the right decisions and minimise the risks, particularly if your plans involve the restructuring of your business or the requirement of finance or investment.

So why not contact us to discuss your idea?

Key Services

  • Review and risk management of contracts for the supply, construction, commissioning and maintenance of renewable energy generators
  • Company restructures and associate shareholder agreements
  • Joint ventures and investment agreements
  • Advice on legal charges associated with renewables investment
  • Bank funding in relation to renewable projects
  • Grid connection contracts and issues
  • Advice to landowners considering land diversification to generate renewable energy
  • Land options, licences and leases
  • Supply and post installation disputes including statutory noise nuisance from wind turbines
  • Statutory appeal/judicial review in relation to planning applications
  • Inheritance tax, capital gains and succession planning in renewable investments


"Active in renewable energy schemes including wind turbines, solar arrays and anaerobic digesters for both landowners and developers."

Chambers & Partners, 2016

"Françoise Vandale focuses on agricultural, renewables and minerals property work. Sources describe her as "very knowledgeable," "efficient" and possessing "an eye for detail."

Chambers & Partners, 2016