Disputes are often unavoidable and, if not dealt with, can quickly get out of hand leaving you unsure how best to resolve the issue. Based in York and Lincoln and serving clients across the country, Langleys provides pragmatic and expert advice to help resolve disputes.

What we do and where we specialise

Resolving a dispute can be achieved in various ways and you will always be presented with options and practical solutions. Proceeding to Court is often the last resort and our aim is to settle matters, if this is reasonably possible, without the need for Court proceedings.

Our knowledgeable and skilful team of litigators have years of experience across many different areas of the law. They will explain the merits and weaknesses of your case and argue on your behalf throughout the dispute, keeping you fully informed and in control.

Our team can help you with:

Contractual disputes
When a contract states one thing and the reality differs, disputes can arise. We can help to resolve these to achieve the best outcome for all parties.

Negligence Claims
When you instruct the services of a professional, you have an expectation of quality and standards. If they fall short in their duty to you and you suffer a loss as a result, you may have a claim.

Contentious Probate
Disagreements about the specifics of a Will or inheritance can be complex and emotional situations. We can help guide you through your rights and options.

Landlord and Tenant disputes
If intentions are not clearly set out, tenants and landlords can find themselves in a dispute over a range of matters from deposits to leases. Should this occur, we can help solve the problem.

Consumer disputes
When you choose to make a purchase, you put your trust in the product’s guarantees. If these are not met and you suffer a loss as a result, you may have a claim in line with Consumer Rights Act 2015.

Financial services/ insurance disputes
If you are promised a service and your bank or insurance company fails to accept its responsibilities to you, you may be able to take action.

Disputes between individual shareholders and directors
Within business often individuals in their capacity as director or shareholders can become embroiled in dispute of which we have significant experience.

Breach of Trust Disputes and TOLATA claims
Individuals sometimes find themselves accused of inequitable conduct or entitled to claim equitable remedies for breach of trust, unjust enrichment and proprietary estoppel.

Boundary and neighbour disputes
From parking issues and party walls to Right of Way and Breaches of Covenant, we can help you swiftly resolve disagreements that arise with your neighbour.

Construction Disputes
If the delivery of works from an architect, engineer, builder or trades person falls short of what was agreed and reasonable steps are not taken to rectify the issue or you suffer loss or damage as a result, you may have a claim.



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