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When it comes to resolving the disputes that arise from a relationship breakdown, communication is key. When two opposing sides have two different perspectives and interests, it’s inevitable that there will be disagreements, however in some circumstances, that doesn’t mean that you can’t work together to reach a solution.

The Collaborative Family Law approach recognises that sometimes the most effective way forward is to have everyone sat in the same room, eliminating lengthy correspondence and negotiations, and instead focussing on a settlement that works for you and your family.

Both parties, and their Collaboratively trained solicitor, agree their commitment to achieving the best outcome for all parties, without the threat of litigation, by signing a contract called a “participation agreement.”

With this agreement in place, the parties can explore a variety of options within “4-way meetings” that you both attend, with your Collaboratively trained solicitor, who will continue to advise you on all legal aspects of the situation, keeping an eye on the wider issues affecting finances and children.

We can also invite accountants, financial advisors and other professional experts into the meetings to make sure that you can achieve the best and most cost effective solution.

There is no need to go through lengthy court proceedings, and the focus is on meetings, avoiding a drawn out, expensive and emotionally exhausting experience.

More information in this new approach can be found on the Resolution website and at

A Langleys Client describes the Collaborative Family Law experience

Choosing Langleys Collaborative Family Lawyers gives you

  • A sensible, constructive route to a mutually agreed settlement
  • Control of the situation, supported by pragmatic legal advice and guidance
  • Access to a team of legal experts, able to advise on related property, financial and business matters

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