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Why is a Will so important?

A Will is likely to be the only document you ever sign which deals with absolutely everything you own.

It is the document which passes all of your hard earned assets on to your family and other beneficiaries.

The increasing complexity of modern life means that Will planning has never been so important. Second marriages, blended families and large or intricate estates make the process of distributing assets after a loved one passes away extremely complicated if a proper Will was not created.

For those who do make a Will, but choose the quick ‘off the shelf’ or DIY option, problems can arise in the future. Important sections can be missed, resulting in loved ones not receiving gifts as intended, unnecessary tax liabilities, claims by disappointed beneficiaries and even challenges to the very validity of the Will itself.

A well drafted Will enables you to:

  • Choose how your assets and personal possessions will be dealt with in the event of death
  • Provide for your surviving spouse and children and appoint specific guardians
  • Give particular gifts or sums of money to named people or organisations, including charities
  • Protect your assets against your spouse’s remarriage or assessment to care home fees
  • State your wishes for burial or cremation and organ donation 
  • Maximise Business and Agricultural Property Reliefs from Inheritance Tax
  • Provide for both your current spouse and for your children from a previous marriage

A Will is not a one size fits all document. Our expert Solicitors look at your individual situation, considering your estate and personal circumstances, including any particular concerns you may have or situations you wish to provide for.

We see it as our responsibility to ask all of the right questions of you so that your wishes can be clear in that one document. There are frequently legal answers to your very personal concerns.

From the simplest Will to more complex documents incorporating trusts and tax planning provisions, our knowledgeable team work with you to ensure that your wishes are clearly communicated.  

Choosing Langleys Will Solicitors gives you

  • Peace of mind that your best interests are looked after, now and in the future
  • Expert advise from experienced professionals who consider your specific requirements
  • Access to advice from a wider team of property and tax specialists

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